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Key Master Class


Unlock buried source emotions and unconscious patterns, so you can make space for healing and happiness again. 

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Is this you?

  • You have a deeper knowing and trust that everything is going to be ok (it just currently feels inaccessible)
  • You're open to doing the work on yourself that's required to heal from emotional dis-ease, and can commit the time required to do it
  • You're aware of your emotions and are generally able to name them when they arise


  • You're still currently experiencing stress, unresolved grief, and may be anxiety driven
  • You experience constriction in the body when the emotions hit heavy
  • Your creativity is stifled, and it feels like you're taking one step forward and two steps back
  • You're not feeling as fulfilled as you know you want to be in life
If this resonates with you then read on...


"What we resist, persists. And what we feel, we heal."

Be guided and nurtured through 9 x weekly video call sessions with leading healers Melanie Spears and Erin Ashley, to deep dive into the patterns and blocks that are holding you back from reaching your full, wise heart-open potential - using gratitude as the master-key, with a big focus on gratitude embodiment.

Together, they will show you how to become your own Key Master - supporting you to develop your own ability to unlock the stuck conditions when they arise for you.

What you learn in this program, you'll be using for a lifetime!

Your Facilitators

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Melanie Spears

Loved around the world for her bestselling Gratitude Diary, Melanie is also an incredible healer with a big passion for helping you - the creative soul, streamline your energy in a way that produces results. Her Family Constellations work has supported thousands of people around the world.

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Erin Ashley

An internationally-renowned Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, Erin is on a mission to transform stress into peace. She features regularly at major wellness festivals and corporate events, as well as running her own sell-out retreats, workshops and online programs. 

Starts in time for the New Moon in Cancer, and Solstice

An opportunity to take a sacred pause and give thanks for life - and for the journey from shadow to light, unconsciousness to consciousness, enlightenment and embodiment. New beginnings are forthcoming regarding home, family, emotional intimacy and connection. An old order is passing and a new beginning arising. Connection, collaboration and honouring of the feminine - in her personification as Mother Earth as well as within each of us (we all have inner feminine aspects) - are key.

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Here's how the Key Master Class 9-week program works: 

Starts Thursday 18th June!

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Weekly video calls to unlock your own unique life obstacles

This is our weekly live sacred space together, where we playfully decrease stress, consciously activate the soul and return to flow state so that your life genuinely feels more pleasant and easy. Our first live video call will be on Thursday 18th June, 6-8pm and will continue weekly after that for the 9-week program.

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Embodiment Support

A lot can happen in the space of a week. That's why we're supporting you between calls with tips and strategies for your body and breath, to keep feeling it to heal it. Sometimes the transformational energy gets it's going to be important to keep leaning into the emotions. We've got your back the whole way! 

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Collaboration & Answers

The Key Master Class 9-week program Facebook group will be a safe and creative space to connect in with each other between the weekly calls. Not only do you get stacks of support in here, it's also a great space to share your results as they unfold, and to celebrate in that of others. Bonus resources and training will also get dropped in here from Melanie and Erin.


Must have completed the Gratitude as a Bridge 3-part workshop series and/or the free 4-Day Online Key Master Class series (can be completed prior to June 18th - click here to do it now )

By the end of this 9-week program, you will:

  • Know how to use emotions as a portal for profound healing and transformation

  • Recognise resistance quicker and with more ease than before, allowing you to return to expansion in all areas of your life

  • Trust and love your own body and breath, and come to use them like tools to gauge your emotional state of being (go from reactiveness to responsiveness)
  • Have unlocked your unique door to your soul's home, and will know the truth of who you are
  • Understand the power and gift of your own free will

  • Have increased clarity and self-confidence

  • Know how to recognise and make decisions that feel congruent and in alignment for you (improves business, relationships, health, finances, spiritual connection - all areas of your life)


You get these massive bonuses...

1 - Get three-months free access to Erin's Happiness Online  

Value: $78 - included as a total bonus!

As a member of Erin's Happiness Online community, you'll get to choose from a growing library of yoga classes, meditation audios and mindfulness training videos to support your happiness journey - from wherever you are in the world! All available via an easy app, this is going to be a great support to the Key Master Class 9-week program (option to opt-out after the 3-months complimentary membership).

If you're already a member, you get three months credit!

2 - We're shipping you a 2020 Gratitude Diary!

Value: $39.95 - shipped to you complimentary, anywhere in the world

What am I grateful for? This one very simple question will prompt your psyche into noticing everything that is good in your life. It will illuminate what is working and help you notice and anchor more deeply into the things that are of fundamental value to your life. This beautifully designed, hugely popular Gratitude Diary consists of 365 pages, one for each day of the year.

If you already own a Gratitude Diary, you can simply pay yours forward.










Key Master Class 9-Week Program

First live video call is Thursday 18th March, 6-8pm AEST

2 x easy payments of


Fortnightly payments (total $766)

  • 9 x live group video calls (2hrs each call)
  • Key Master Class private facebook group access with direct support from Melanie and Erin
  • Support materials between live video calls
  • Huge bonuses! 3-months Happiness Online membership AND Gratitude Diary shipped to you
YES! I'm ready to become a Key Master!

One payment of


Save $100

  • 9 x live group video calls (2hrs each call)
  • Key Master Class private facebook group access with direct support from Melanie and Erin
  • Support materials between live video calls
  • Huge bonuses: 3-months Happiness Online membership AND Gratitude Diary shipped to you
YES! I'm ready to become a Key Master!


It's time to allow life to flow more easily

If you know in your heart that there is a more joyful version of you waiting to be unveiled, but you're not there yet, get the support you need to be shown how

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