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How to offer support to others, without losing any of your own energy

Earlier this year during my travels in India, I stayed in the town of Bodh Gaya where Buddha attained enlightenment 2,500+ years ago.

It was a very sacred experience to sit in the same spot where Shakyamuni Buddha himself sat at the time of enlightenment. It felt exhilarating to follow the same footsteps of where some of his first-ever teachings were held. The moments of making circumambulations around the Mahabodhi Temple while chanting mantras were divinely spiritual.


What I wasn’t prepared for though, in this geographical location that lies host to some of the biggest insights about happiness in humankind, was the amount of extreme human suffering.

It wasn’t so much the relentless begging, poor living conditions or trash-lined streets that got me. Instead it was the even-more confronting moments in between - like seeing disfigured, limbless children dragging themselves along roads, and elderly people...

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Getting Your Mojo Back After Facing Tough Times

Have you ever experienced challenging times, and felt so struck down by the event that it was hard to imagine ever seeing the light of a happy day again?

Some years ago now, I experienced a very turbulent period of my life. My husband and father to our two young daughters, dropped dead suddenly as we were walking and talking. No cause of death was ever determined.

In the early days following the event, it was difficult to imagine how I was ever going to be able to live a happy and fulfilling life again. The symptoms of grief had me captured and it felt all-consuming.

Thankfully, there were things already in place in my life that eventually helped to release the shackles of suffering.

Like my yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice.

Every time I hit the mat for a yoga session and began moving my body and breath, energy was shifting. The movement and rising heat wasn't just purifying on a physical level, it was also allowing all my thoughts and feelings about the...

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Listening to inspiration when it arrives (you never know where it might take you!)

You might know it as an 'ah-ha moment', an 'insight', a 'knowing', a 'premonition', or a 'moment of clairvoyance'. 

You know what I’m referring to - those sudden inspirations that you get where you might even get the tingles or goose bumps all over.

I call it a Big Yes moment.

It could be something you visualise or something someone says. Perhaps it’s an idea that drops in or a clear decision point. Maybe a co-incidence, or just a second in time when you your energy being pulled strongly towards something in an expansive way. 

Whatever you call it, the Big Yes’s in life are definitely worth paying attention to -  if you’re intent on living the most meaningful and fulfilling life possible (that’s you, right?).

I’ve just returned from a mind-opening trip to India, under the kind guidance of a one of my dear friends Geshe Tsultrim, who is the head teacher at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute on Australia’s...

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Your new morning ritual to create a powerful day ahead


 If you knew that dedicating the first five minutes of each morning to a daily wellness practice, that would pave the way for all your best ideas, your biggest inspirations, and allow your dream life to open up before you, would you dedicate your time to it?

Of course you would!

So what gets in the way of most of us actually doing it each morning? It usually comes down to two things: 

  1. You’re not clear on your true motivation for dedicating the time to it.
  2. It hasn’t become a new habit yet.

Getting clear on your motivation

Motivation sometimes best arrives when we contemplate the pain of not doing something. That pain then becomes greater than the pain of doing it.

Have you ever had one of those days where you woke later than planned, jumped urgently out of bed and into the shower, slushed down a coffee and then sped out the door? And for the rest of the day you were in survival-mode, feeling like you were a step-behind in everything else you did...

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