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Elevate your soul-led biz

Looking to make the world a better place through your business or organisation, but running thin on energy and time? Feel like you're putting in the hard yards, but you can't seem to move beyond a certain level? 

Join the 8-wk Soul-Biz Booster program

Is this you?

  • You're a visionary
  • You have the drive, and you're awesome at getting things done
  • You're clear on what your soul-biz is, and may have already been in operation/in the organisation for a while
  • You know in your heart that what you have to offer is of benefit to the lives of others

But the problem is...

  • You're doing a lot but not a lot's happening
  • You're questioning if your passion will ever pay off 
  • You tend to experience burnout, and you haven't got enough time to do other things you love
  • Your own personal life balance and possibly relationships with others, is suffering
If this resonates with you then read on...because I get where you're at.

Meet Erin Ashley, your Soul-Biz Booster mentor

Seven years ago, I embarked on the journey of becoming a yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher. I wanted to share the empowering and healing benefits of these ancient practices with the world, because they'd helped me so much during a really difficult period in my own life. I knew in my heart this was what I was meant to be offering the world. But I had a lot of 'what if's':

How am I going to find enough time to pursue my passion (while still holding down another job / looking after my family)?

How can I find the right balance between working on my soul-led work, and still have enough time doing other things I love that maintain my own balance and happiness?

How am I going to bring in enough money doing my service-based work?

I trusted in soul's calling, and kept energy in motion towards my soul-led biz. 

Now, not only have I built up a strong and sustainable soul-biz, other amazing benefits have unfolded that I couldn't have predicted when I was starting out with sheer faith. Like building up a thriving coaching business, teaching at world-renowned events, featuring regularly in wellness publications and lots of public speaking. And now I'm teaching others how to do it with their heart-led businesses too!

...and all while maintaining my own personal life balance.

Imagine now what could be possible for YOU and your soul-biz...

When you put into action what you'll learn in the eight weeks of the Soul- Biz Booster program, you'll:

  • Feel like you've got more time on your hands to invest in self-care and doing other things you love, AND your biz is doing better than ever
  • Have left multi-tasking and plate spinning behind, and instead be awesome at focusing on only the most expansive actions that are going to have the biggest impact on your biz and personal life
  • Have more energy to keep investing in your soul-led biz, so you can continue doing the good work of benefiting others and making the world a better place
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Sharon Wood

Founder & Director of Emgoddess
"Life’s busy. Building my business, staying focused and disciplined, while attempting to do all the things you want to do with your family and friends, can get a little much. It’s really easy to get caught up in drama and let go of actions that make the difference.
Working regularly with Erin for the past 6 months has been a powerful reset for me. I have witnessed dramatic changes in my work and personal life, and I know its due to the different approach I am taking.It’s coaching like you have not experienced before. Deeply connecting to your purpose and intentions for your life."

Here's how the Soul-Biz Booster 8-week program works: 

Starts March 4th!

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Let's Get Live!

Our first live video call training + coaching will be on Wednesday 4th March and will continue each fortnight after that. During each call there will be a live training component, then the floor opens up for a Q&A so you get to break through your specific life and biz obstacles.

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Top Up With Extra Trainings

Each week between the live video calls, you'll get downloadable training to keep moving forward with, including strategies and step-by-step processes for: refining your biz messaging, streamlining your social media effort, building valuable partnerships and LOADS more. All the content gets created with YOU in mind, and is SPECIFICALLY TAILORED TO YOU as a result of what comes up during the live calls.

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Daily Support & Collaboration

Get access to the Soul-Led Biz Besties private Facebook group, for program members only. Not only do you get stacks of support in here, you also get to bounce ideas and progress off all your Soul-Led Biz Besties. Plus you also get to contribute to the soul-led journey of others!

What we'll be covering each week:

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In this first live training + coaching call, let's get clear on the intended experience we vision for our biz, our customers and ourselves. Includes goal-setting and development of daily action tracker for the 8-week program.

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Who are you serving?

If you have a soul-led biz, you'll be doing it to make the world a better place. This recorded training will ensure you're clear on who it is you're actually serving (it can't be 'everybody'!) and how to speak to them properly in your marketing.

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Your state of being plays a HUGE role in the flow (or lack of) in your biz. In this live training + coaching call let's get to the bottom of why you're showing the way you are, and how to fine tune it so you can have more impact and growth in your biz.

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Social Streamlining

In this recorded training, you'll learn a super simple way you set up and share your content on social media, that makes easy, predictable AND effective, including reducing that 'last minute' feeling about what you're posting and when.

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This half-way point of the program is an opportunity to make sure that the work that you're putting into your soul-biz isn't having a negative impact on other important areas of your life. We'll do it together on a live training + coaching call. Discover why it's so important to keep space in your life, to keep fuelling your soul-biz.

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Attention Training

Energy flows where awareness goes - in business, you must be aware of what you're focusing on. In this recorded training, you'll learn tools to keep directing energy to that which we envisaged for our soul-led biz, while effectively reducing distractions and obstacles that will no doubt arise. 

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Step Into Your Light 

Putting a face to your soul-biz is going to help increase customers connection to what it is you have to offer. On this live training + coaching call you'll be inspired hearing from other heart-led leaders who have made a massive impact on the world through this approach, and find out how to do it too.

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The Value of Collaboration

Of course you can handle this soul-biz on your own. You're an action taker! But what if you knew that there was more abundance in aligning with others and building mutually beneficial partnerships? This recorded training will show you how to set it all up to keep your soul-biz expanding.


Two massive bonuses...

Get full access to my 8-Week Transform Stress Into Peace Online Course!

Value: $514 - included as a total bonus!

Build eight powerful mindfulness foundations over eight transformational weeks. You'll be sent supporting video training, downloadable coaching and meditation audios and other resources to support you to build your soul-led biz with maximum peace. As you'll discover this is a KEY INGREDIENT to soul-biz and personal success, and you being able to continue your mission of benefiting other people and the world.


1:1 Expansion Coaching Call with Erin

Value: $500 - included as a complete bonus!

Once we're past the six-week mark of the 8-week course, you and I will jump on our own private video call to map out exactly what it is you need to be specifically focusing on in your soul-led biz moving forward - to get the most presence, impact, and growth. This call is to EMPOWER YOU even further about Soul-Led biz mission, and to give you specific strategies to continue working with the right INTENTION, and with PEACE in your life, beyond the 8-week Soul-Led Biz Booster program.

...that's over $1,000 in bonuses!










Soul-Biz Booster 8-Week Program:

First live training + coaching call is Wednesday 4th March, 7pm AEST

Pay weekly


8 x weekly payments - cashflow friendly

  • 4 x live training + coaching video calls
  • Another 4 x recorded trainings, specifically tailored to the group
  • Soul-Biz Booster private facebook group access - FOR LIFE!
  • Huge bonus: 8-wk Transforming Stress Into Peace online program (value $514) - MUST JOIN BY FEB 26TH
  • Huge bonus: 1-on-1, private coaching call with Erin from week 6 onwards (value $500) - MUST JOIN BY FEB 26TH
YES! I'm ready to boost my soul-biz



One payment - save $99

  • 4 x live training + coaching video calls
  • Another 4 x recorded trainings, specifically tailored to the group
  • Soul-Biz Booster private facebook group access - FOR LIFE!
  • Huge bonus: 8-wk Transforming Stress Into Peace online program (value $514) - MUST JOIN BY FEB 26TH
  • Huge bonus: 1-on-1, private coaching call with Erin from week 6 onwards (value $500) - MUST JOIN BY FEB 26TH
  • Save $99 by paying upfront and avoid reoccurring payments
YES! I'm ready to boost my soul-biz
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Sallie Francis

Founder of Feel Good Food Boxes
"I have had the pleasure of experiencing both Erin's Yoga / Mindfulness Instruction and Business Coaching. Her business skills coupled with her spiritual knowledge and expertise make her an excellent Professional & Personal Development Coach.
Erin has provided some invaluable tips on how to extend my business offerings and mindset strategies that help me to be expansive in my thinking and allow business growth. Each time I have a session with Erin, I walk away renewed, focused and with positive energy ready to grow. It is a welcome relief knowing I have someone on my team supporting and backing me. Thanks, Erin!"


What are you waiting for?

If you know in your heart that this is your calling, and you want to grow your soul-led biz while still having great balance in your personal life, this program will show you how.

Join the 8-wk Soul-Biz Booster program